Berdot Bolognese

In 1985, while researching and working on the restoration of the Havanese
breed, my husband, Bert, and I discovered another member of the Bichon group
who had never reached the United States shores. These were the Bichon Bolognese,
who for the most part had remained in Italy while their cousins were already
living in many other European countries. Upon learning this we contacted many
foreign kennel clubs for the purpose of obtaining a list of their Bolognese breeders.

It seems at this time, the Europeans were busy restoring the Bolognese breed
themselves and showed no desire to part with any of their breeding stock or
pups that showed truly excellent conformation. Still we persisted and a year
later, were successful in obtaining a pair of Bolognese from Jabir Bo Blanc
Kennel in Denmark. These were followed by a pair of sisters the next year
and a little male from Germany.

In the ensuing years, we imported Bolognese from Belgium, Switzerland,
Germany and Italy.

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Breed History
Standards & Characteristics

Berdot Bolognese
Breed History
Standards & Characteristics

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