Bolognese Standard and Characteristics

The Bolognese is a toy breed with the males standing 11-12 " at the shoulder
and females 10-11 " .  Their weight averages 8-12 pounds. The overall body
length is slightly longer than they are tall.  The topline is level and
the tail is of natural length - well set on, plumed, and carried over the back.
The coat is white, long, nonshedding with fluffy/flocky ringlets covering the
entire body.  Some touches of champagne color on the ears or occasionally
on the back is permissible but the overall appearance must be of a white dog.
The head is broad and well balanced with a medium length muzzle. 
The ears are dropped and well covered with hair.  The eyes are dark, round
with black pigment.  The nose and lips must have black pigment and the bite
must be scissor.  The chest is deep and the ribs well-sprung.  The legs are straight
and the gait lively. The Bolognese are  friendly but an excellent little watchdog.
They are devoted, intuitive, loving, and charming.
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