Havanese Breed History

Descending from one of the Bichon groups in the Mediterranean area, there
are different ideas of the origin of the Havanese in the Americas. Fiorenzo
Fiorone (author of the book, "308 Recognized Breeds") believed that they
were created when the Bolognese was crossed with a south american poodle in
Argentina and Dechambre believed the little dogs were created from the
maltese when it was brought to the West Indies by the Spaniards. But the
Cubans believe the dogs were brought to their shores by Italian sea
captains. Regardless of which explanation is the correct one, these little
dogs were owned and adored by wealthy cubans. The most dedicated Cuban
fancier of the Havanese was Catalina Laza, wife of the wealthy and famous
sugar mill baron,"Barro". Only the very wealthy families owned these little dogs.

The Havanese were becoming extinct when smuggled out of Cuba by families
fleeing their homeland. Two families, the Perez and the Fantasio family, combined
forces and preserved the breed from extinction through selective breeding.

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