Havanese Standard and Characteristics

The Havanese are alert and quick to learn. They possess a charming and
loveable personality. Devoted to family, excellent little watchdogs, the
Havanese are alert and intelligent.

The breed is odorless and non-shedding. They stand between 8-10 1/2" at the
shoulders and should ideally weigh between 8-13 pounds . They are longer in
body than they are tall with legs that are short, straight and well muscled.
The head should be well balanced and with a well defined stop. The eyes
should be almond, large, and dark but not bulging or prominent. The ears
should be long, well feathered and hanging close to the head. They should
possess black pigment.

The profuse coat is slightly wavy to curly and the tail should be well
plumed and carried over the back. The Havanese comes in many colors and
combinations of colors.

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Standards & Characteristics

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